September 14

Cinquain Poem [ Nature]

Cinquain Poem


Loving God,  

I pray for Nature,

               Taking care of animals,                 

Please, always take care of the world,

Thank you.


September 14

My Favourite Quote

What this quote means to me…

I like this quote because it means that things are never just going to happen by themselves.  You have to make it happen  yourself, and not wait for others to do it for you.  It also means that if you really want something (like a toy), you should change your behaviour and start doing what you are asked to do.

September 14

Friend Interview

Friend Interview 

 I have chosen to Interview Tina from my class today to find out all about her.

1- What is your favourite subject at school?

1-My favourite subject at school is Art because you can be creative.

2- What do you like to do at recess/lunch?

2- I like to play basketball at recess and at lunch I like to play on the monkey bars.

3- What time do you come to school at?

3- I come to school at 8:20am and I leave school at 3:00pm.

4- What is your favourite part of school?

4- My favourite part of school is the bottom yard because there are different activities to do in the bottom yard.

5- What do you like to do in class time when you have activity?

5- I like to play on the computers in activity time.

6- How long have you been at school?

6- I’ve been at school for six years.

7- If you weren’t at school what would you do?

7- I would play on the computer all day!

I hope you enjoyed reading the questions that I asked Tina.


September 14

My Bucket List

 My Bucket List:

                                        1. To be great at drawing                                                           2. Work at a zoo with lots of animals               3.Hold a Panda

4. Be a great musician

5. Have lots of friends

6. Go to Fiji with my friends

7. Go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower

8. Get a car

9. See horror movies

10. Have lots of sleepovers at friends’ houses

11. Go and meet Dove Cameron

12. See Sofia Carson

13. Go to work at the Disney channel

14. Go to New Zealand with my BFFS

15. Have lots of money!


September 14

Sports Day

Sports Day

In Term 2, Week 3, we had Sports Day at Santos Stadium. The whole school was there accept the people who were sick. Everyone had so much fun!  There were so many parents there too (which was good). The first thing we did once we were ready was our chants. The whole school chanted together. 

The song used for the whole school chant was called “Hey, Micky!”.  On Sports Day, we have four different teams- Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.  Every team has a different chant that the team leader makes up with the other Year Sevens.  Once we had performed  the school chant and the team chants, we started to do activities in our year levels. 

Each year level participated in five different activities. Every student ran in the running race and the hurdles. I came first in the running race and second in the hurdle race.  Half  way through the activities, we had our recess. After we had finished all of our activities (which took a long time), we had our lunch. After that, we had ten minutes to talk to our friends before we did the 100 metre race.

When it was time for the 100 metre race, the whole school was involved.  The students in Year 3 -7 did the 100 metre race and the Receptions-Year 2 students did the 50 metre race.  In the 100 metre race, I came tenth to last (which was very good because more than half the school was involved).  Then we went to pack up our belongings and went home on the bus.


September 14

Book Week!

Book Week!

On Friday, the 25th August 2017, we had our Book Week parade at 9:00am.  It was do much fun everyone was dressed up.  My friend, Chelsea, was dressed up as Miss Honey from Matilda and I was dressed up as Ella from Ella Diaries.  In class, we made posters and book marks with our teacher Ms C.  Many of children did book marks instead of posters.

During the week, our teacher, Ms C, read us some Book Week books .  The books were called “Fabish- The Horse Who Braved The Fire” and “Out”.  Another activity we did on Friday was a sheet where we had to draw ourselves as the character from the book we chose.  It was a lot of fun!!! Some of my other friends were Hannah from Goosebumps and Mackenzie from Dork Diaries.

At the Parade, the children that the Year 7 students interviewed were James and Isabel. They were really lucky!  My teacher, Ms C, was a spider from Charlotte’s Web.  Natasha and two other girls were the three little pigs and Tina was the big bad wolf from the three little pigs.

That is why Book Week was the best for me!!!


September 14



Hi. I’m Monique.  I started reading Weirdo around the end of Term 1. When I started to reading the book, it was really funny to me.  Whenever I read the book, I always laughed because it’s really funny.  Some of the people in Weirdo’s family are Weirdo’s dad, mum,  big sister ,Sally, and Weirdo’s little brother, Roger.

Weir’s little brother, Roger, is always playing in the dirt or throwing things into the sink -and very important things like phones or keys.  Weir has two friends called Bella and Henry.  Henry is Weir’s best friend and the first friend he made. Bella is one of the girls Weir likes to play with and one of the cutest girls in his class.

Some of the things that I like about the book is that it’s really funny.  Also, when Weir was trying new styles of clothes in Book 5, he put on some pants that were really tight, and he couldn’t walk or even sit down on a chair!

If I could meet the author of Weirdo, some of the questions I would ask him are… Why did you make the book called Weirdo? How did you come up with the idea for the book? Have you written any other books like this? Why have you got a weird family and a weird name? Those would be some of the questions that I would ask him. By the way, the author is ANH DO.

PS: The books are fantastic!   



September 14

My Amazing Holiday

My Amazing Holiday

On the last day of school for Term 2, Natasha came over to my house for a sleepover. My cousin also came over to my house for a sleepover.  Natasha and I stayed up til 11:30pm and woke up at 7:00am. After we had breakfast, we played on the i Pad for half an hour, and then we went outside to play with my dog, Max for a bit. Then Natasha got ready for netball. My mum and I were dropping her of at netball.      

A few days after that, my family friends and I went to go and see Despicable Me 3. We walked down to the movie theatre because we live close to it. After we watched the movie, we went to Subway for lunch and then we went back to our house.  Then we drove to a park close to their house and we took our dog Max and their dog to the park.  After we went to the park, I slept over at their house.

On Saturday, we went out for for my mum’s birthday.  We went to a restaurant that was a mixture of Spanish and  Mexican food.  It was called the Hoose-Gow and it’s on Magill Road.  When we got there, my mum’s family was only there because my dad’s family couldn’t come. They were busy.  When we all got there,

my mum got my brother, sister, myself and my cousin 

some garlic bread to eat while we waited for our food.

All of the kids had lemonade for a drink and steak and chips for dinner.  The food was really delicious, especially the steak.  After we had our food, we played on our i Pad while the adults were eating.  Then mum ordered some icecream for the kids and the adults had a really delicious and pretty cake.  After that, we all went home and went to bed because it was 12:00am when we got home!   




September 14

My Favourite Animal

My Favourite Animal


My favourite animal is a dog because they are very cute, soft and cuddly.  The type of dog I like is a Labradoodle because they’re half poodle and half Labrador.  Both types of dogs are fun to play with.  Also, they can live for 12-15 years.


Labradoodles have four legs, two ears, one nose and two eyes.  They use their nose to sniff around a lot and to look for food and water.  A medium Labradoodle is 18 to 20 inches big. 


The Labradoodles habitat is in a house because they are pets. They are pets because they are friendly and they’re really fun to play with.


They eat food with chicken in it when they are little. But when they grow up, they eat dog food.  When they are good, you can give them treats or crackers.


Labradoodles sometimes like to hunt birds. They hunt birds because Poodles often do. Also, when they’re puppies, they are very jumpy and I mean VERY jumpy! They do this because they are excited. 

June 26

The Five Focus Words

This year our five focus words for 2017 are respect, love, excellence, gratitude and justice.  We have been learning about what they mean in class time.


Respect is caring for each other and not being rude to people, and thinking about other people’s feelings.


Love is showing your feelings by hugs, kisses and doing something special for another person.     


Excellence means trying to be the best person you can be by being a leader and guiding other people to do the right thing.


Gratitude means being grateful for what you have and not taking things for granted.        


Justice means being responsible for your actions and accepting the consequence.  It also means to be fair.